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Velvet antler polypeptide is able to induce differentiation of neural stem cells towards neurons in vitro

Author: Zhang LH, Zhuang ZH, Sun YN, Ma SH, Yang WF, Lei HT, Zuo JL, Ouyang JF, Wang Y
Page: 308

OBJECTIVE: To investigate the neural differentiation capacity of water extraction of velvet antler. METHODS: Velvet antler (Cervus Nippon Temminck) polypeptide (VAP) was used to differentiate neural stem cells (NSCs) towards neurons in the study. Firstly, we obtain the polypeptides of VAP by water extraction. Secondly, we observed the morphology, assayed the factors in the media by enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay, and detected the special neural molecules by immunfluorescence staining. NSCs were cultured on the cell climbing film. After neuronal differentiation, differentiated NSCs were mounted for immunocytochemistry with immunofluorescence technique. RESULTS: The differentiating cells look like neuron, some special factors, such as Glial cell line-derived neurotrophic factor, nerve growth factor, in the media can be detected while differentiated neuron-like cells can express the special neural molecules. CONCLUSION: Differentiation of NSCs towards neurons can be induced by velvet antler polypeptide.

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