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Effect of Tiaoshen Kaiqiao acupuncture in the treatment of ischemic post-stroke depression: a randomized controlled trial

Author: Li MH, Zhang B, Meng ZH, Sha T, Han YH, Zhao H, Zhang CH
Page: 171

OBJECTIVE: To observe the effect of Tiaoshen Kaiqiao acupuncture in the treatment of ischemic post-stroke depression. METHODS: This research was a single-blind, positive-controlled trial done in a single entity. Totally 58 patients with ischemic post-stroke depression were randomly divided into two groups. The acupuncture group was given Tiaoshen Kaiqiao acupuncture therapy and placebo starch tablets treatment,while the control group was treated with fluoxetine tablets and body acupuncture treatment. Evaluated the clinical efficacy of the two groups with Hamilton Depression Scale (HAMD), Anti Depression Drug Side Effects Rating Scale (SERS), Clinical Global Impression Scale (CGI) respectively before treatment, the fourth weekend of treatment, the eighth weekend of treatment, the twelfth weekend of treatment. The adverse reactions in two groups were observed and documented. RESULTS: The HAMD scale scores of the two groups in different treatment period were significantly decreased compared with that before treatment (P < 0.05); the score reduction of HAMD scale between the two groups had no significant differences (P > 0.05). There was significant difference between the SERS scores of two groups (P < 0.05); the control group had more adverse reactions, and the score would be increased with the extension of treatment time. Effect index (EI) of CGI in the acupuncture group is better than that of control group (P < 0.05). CONCLUSION: The effects of Tiaoshen Kaiqiao acupuncture and fluoxetine in the treatment of ischemic post-stroke depression were similar, but the former had no obvious adverse reaction and side effects.

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