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Adherence reporting in clinical trials of type 2 Diabetes Metellius in the field of Traditional Chinese Medicine

Author: Xing DM, Zhang JH, Zhu MJ, Zhao Y, Shang HC
Page: 140

OBJECTIVE: To assess the medication adherence reporting in clinical trials the field of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and the impact factors of medication adherence. METHODS: Reviewed and evaluated were all randomized clinical trials in the field of TCM in treatment of type 2 diabetes mellitus published in Chinese journals in 2012, in terms of their medication adherence, adherence measurement, and impacted factors of adherence. RESULTS: Finally 124 studies were included. None studies reported the medication adherence. The factors impacting medication adherence couldn't be analyzed due to none reporting adherence. CONCLUSION: Medication adherence reporting was poor in clinical trials in TCM research. Establishing standards for adherence assessment and reporting may be one of the important steps to improve the quality of clinical studies.

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