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Guasha improves the rating of perceived exertion scale score and reduces heart rate variability in male weightlifters: a randomized controlled trial

Author: Wang XZ, Chen PJ, Huang XY, Wang YY, Yang JS, W Eungpinichpong, Yang YM, U Chatchawan
Page: 49

OBJECTIVE: To evaluate the effects of Guasha therapy on the rating of perceived exertion (RPE) scale score, and heart rate variability (HRV). METHODS: A randomized controlled trial of Guasha (skin scraping) was compared with a sham scraping group and control group. Sixteen sessions within an 8-week period were completed. Sixty-five male weightlifters who had undergone normal weightlifting training for a mean of 5 years before study commencement were recruited. The RPE scale score of "snatch", "clean and jerk" maneuvers (85% of one-repetition maximum), and HRV were measured before and after the intervention. RESULTS: The RPE scale score for snatch, clean and jerk were reduced significantly after intervention in the Guasha group and sham group. However, there was a significant difference in the low frequency (LF) domain and LF/high frequency (HF) ratio (P < 0.05): the LF domain decreased, and the LF/HF ratio decreased. CONCLUSION: Guasha could be used to reduce the RPE scale score, and increase the response to HRV. Guasha could be considered as an alternative to some types of recovery from sports training.

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