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Sini decoction as an adjuvant therapy for angina pectoris: a systematic review of randomized controlled trials

Author: Wu J, Yuan DC, Yang MQ, Xia W, Zhang Z, Zhang HY, Fei YT, Yang GL
Page: 12

OBJECTIVE: To systematically assess the effects and safety of Sini decoction as an adjuvant therapy for patients with angina pectoris. METHODS: We searched PubMed, Excerpt Medica Database, the Cochrane library, Wanfang Database, China National Knowledge Infrastructure Database, China Science and Technology Journal Database from the date of its inception until August 1, in 2014. Available literatures were selected according to the inclusion criteria. Two reviewers finished data extraction, checked the data and assessed the methodological quality of studies, independently. The Review Manage Software 5.1.0 was used for data analysis. RESULTS: Six trials involving 453 participants were eligible. None of the trials reported the mortality due to angina pectoris. The secondary outcomes showed that Sini decoction, together with nitroglycerin when necessary, may have some effects on reducing the number of angina attacks and the amount of nitroglycerin. But in terms of reducing the duration of angina and improvement of electrocardiogram, there were no statistical differences between Sini decoction group and isosorbide dinitrate group. Only one reported that no adverse events were found. CONCLUSION: Based on this systematic review, Sini decoction can reduce the dosage of nitroglycerin, when compared with isosorbide dinitrate group. And there were no enough evidence in the papers to draw any conclusions for the safety of Sini decoction.

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